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Making Conversations: Mental Health

Making Conversations: Religious Literacy


Making Conversations: Homelessness

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Making Conversations: Race & Privilege

*plate descriptions tell a story from left to right, top to bottom

Making Conversations: Our Changing Climate

Making Conversations: Gender & Identity

When I was a kid, I was in pageants. I grew up in a small South Georgia town, and that is just what we did. WE, meaning girls at my school. In my neighborhood. Literally all the girls I knew were in a pageant of some kind, and if I wanted to have friends in this small town, at my small school of 25 students per grade, I too was going to do pageants. Pageant faces were the same from 1st grade until roughly middle school, at which time some girls kept on, and were in pageants through high school, while others, with a newly realized sense of personal agency asserting itself around 12 years of age, dropped out of the game. I was one of those dropouts. But up until that point, pageants were just what you did.
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Making Conversations: Aging & Staying Engaged

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