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Insert Your Assumptions, 2017, stoneware

So, I've been learning a lot about homelessness in Central Florida. Over the past few weeks I've met with a dozen individuals across the community. People who are currently homeless, people who were formerly homeless and now housed and employed, and people who are working locally to end homelessness. And if I've learned anything in these past few weeks, it is that I don't know very much at all.

I've also confronted several misconceptions of my own and of others. I'm finding more evidence proving the validity of my opinion that we don't really know why we believe the things we believe, nor do we take the time to ask. Even those of us who think we are succeeding at self-evaluation still use our sum-glasses out of habit.

If you want things to change, we each have to examine our myths. We have to consider the source. What assumptions do you have about the homeless community? Where do you think these stories come from?

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Watch their videos, and find out how you can impact the homelessness efforts in your community.


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