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Great Myths, 2017, stoneware

What origin stories poison the well? What norms hinder the process towards peace and justice? What is, in your opinion, the Great Myth of our time?


For me, I believe the Great Myth in our world is the belief that there is a hierarchy of Creation – between plants and animals, where humans are further elevated above all else. Unwilling to live in balance with our surroundings, we see ourselves capable of controlling the Earth. Such a narrative has generated and validated invasive and destructive concepts of power and dominance for thousands of years, leading to the valuation of peoples based on gender, ethnicity, skillsets, beliefs, and more.


How do these stories affect our interactions today? Where did they come from, and why? Without the ability to time-travel, we must have the strength and stamina to look for moments where history crossed wires with a game of telephone. By asking better questions and speaking to others, we begin to notice incongruences. We start to find Great Myths.



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