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For nearly a decade, I held a career in non-profit program management. In 2015, I made the difficult but necessary decision to switch gears and pursue my calling in secular ministry an artist and community organizer. 


I have since been creating work to address and respond to the large and complex social issues affecting our communities. Using the arts, I engage strangers in conversation on beliefs and values as I ask aloud: What do I believe, and why? Where do these stories come from? The work produced under this mission is part of my Making Conversations project.

In addition to Making Conversations, I throw functional pottery for the home. Having returned to drawing, I have begun exploring new techniques and mediums in 2D. Outside of the studio, I lead community projects to address Sustainability and Equity. 

I hold a BA in Studio Art from Randolph-Macon Woman's College and a Graduate Certificate in Social Justice from Harvard Extension School.

My spirit plant is the fern.



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